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The family company has been operating professional balloon rides in Switzerland with guests and passengers since 2000. Ballooning is also a passionate hobby. We often compete in Switzerland and around the world. our team has been # 1 in the world ranking of hot air balloonists since 2017.

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Day and night trips, alpine trips, alpine crossings, company events, balloon advertising and more.


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We undertake most of our trips in our home region, between Lake Constance and Lake Zurich


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Traumhaftes Herbstwetter 2021

Geschrieben von stefan am Tuesday, 19. October 2021

Während fünf Tagen geniessen wir traumhaftes Wetter, ideal für Ballonfahrten. An allen Tagen liegt die Nebelgrenze unter 800 m so dass der Grossteil unserer „Flying Arena“ nebelfrei ist. Es wären sogar Lagen für Alpenüberquerungen dabei. Wir müssen aber noch etwas Rückstand vom Sommer aufholen…