Alps Flights

Experience the mountains at close range and float with us over snowy mountain peaks. We start alpine tours mostly in the region Toggenburg to Bündnerland.

Travel time in balloon: 
about 2 hours
Number of passengers: 
2 - 5 (larger groups are split)
Time required: 
0.75 day
October to April
Health, fitness
Other regions by arrangement

Information and Participation Requirements for the Experience:

This kind of rides we do especially in the cooler season. That is, from (September) October - March. During this time, rides in the Alps are much easier to plan (due to the more stable weather and no thermals).

Alpine flights, like all other hot-air balloon rides, start at a different location, depending on the wind conditions. This means that we do not have a fixed starting position.

At northwest wind we sometimes start in Central Switzerland and land in the Rhine Valley, Prättigau, Engadin or elsewhere. In SW winds, a start in the Domleschg region or in the direction of Flims-Oberalp is most likely.) At Ostwind, we often choose the starting point in Prättigau and then cross the Alps towards Domleschg, Lenzerheide or Oberalp.

We meet depending on the origin of the passengers a bit central of all persons.

In the Alps, it needs a larger gas reserve. Therefore, only a maximum of 5 people can be accommodated in one balloon.

Required Physical Constitution and Age:

You should have a good physical condition. Please inform us about any cardiovascular problems before the trip. If in doubt, ask your family doctor best. With age, there are almost no limits, as long as the first mentioned conditions are met.


Normally we do alpine trips with our biggest balloons. In the warmer months, alpine rides can take place early in the morning, at most in ideal weather conditions. (Not often possible!) We usually plan such trips 2-5 days in advance and contact the passengers.